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Happy customer for today. We received a call off a puppy and mum in distress. Jill, the home owner had a workman accidentally allow a composite door to her office dead lock closed with an Ultion Sold Secure Dimond rated lock as the only way in. It's one of the hardest locks in the UK to open and the vast majority of locksmiths can't gain entry to such locks...

Our head locksmith and master locksmith came out of retirement especially for this one job, knowing that no one else could gain entry by picking this lock.

However Taylors Locksmiths, Gateshead Locksmith Service arrived within 15 minutes to the property and set about picking the lock and eventually our locksmith had the lock picked open and the puppy named Maggie was free once again

Our customers always give us the big thumbs up, just as Jill did here. She saved a pretty penny by using

And you can visit our new website at

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