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Lock Changed from Just £19.99

Washington Locksmith Service have a fantastic locksmiths offer with a new lock fitted from just £19.99!

If you live in Washington Tyne and Wear, Springwell, Birtley or Sunderland then you can get your lock changed from just £19.99.

All we ask is that the door is open, that the lock is easy to get to and is not locked shut, if it is locked shut then ask us to quote on the job.

We don't have any call out fees so that makes us £100 cheaper than all other locksmiths in Washington.

We don't charge VAT either as we don't claim it which also makes us 20% cheaper than other locksmiths in Washington Tyne and Wear.

We don't use any Google or paid adds which also makes us cheaper and we are mobile locksmiths which means we have no large overheads and that means we can keep our prices the lowest in the UK.

We don't have a hourly rate on 90% of jobs, so for a lock to be changed on uPVC door during the day then you would be looking at £19.99 for a new lock with 2 keys worth £69.99 in B&Q but we get them at cost price and don't charge a profit on parts.

We then charge £29.99 for fitting the lock where our competitors are all charging a minimum of £55 per hour

Our price also includes a full service on the mechanical parts of the door worth £30 and a FREE spare key worth £9.99 in Timpsons.

So don't get your eyes pulled and your pants pulled down and call a real local family business and not seen add on Google.

We are real people that live local, our kids go to your schools and our money is spent in our community as we are Washington Locksmith Service.

Call us today on 07525639943

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