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Washington Christmas Crime Hike

So it starts, we are already seeing this seasons Christmas crime hike in Washington Tyne and Wear.

As locksmiths in Washington we get called out to many robberies and see some heartbreaking scenes. There is no worse feeling than knowing someone has broken in to your home and went through your private items and stolen items you cannot replace.

"they are watching people via facebook".

In the last 7 days we have attended 19 burglaries in the Gateshead and Washington area with a total of 44 in November for the entire month. Now that the holiday season has arrived people are twice the target with 3 times the chance of been burgled.

Above: Police lead the youngster away from his home in Rutland Square, Birtley, where they found a haul of drugs and suspected stolen goods from burgleries in Washington and Birtley.

Thieves are looking ato facebook and social sites to see what goodies you have, when your home or out, when you work and where. They then target housing gaining entry in to the properties weak points.

Washington Locksmith Service offer a FREE no obligation home security check where we can spot the areas that a criminal would be looking for to attack your home of business.

You can start by taking some easy precautions, here we have list from Northumbria Police.

What a burglar looks for:
  • A home which looks empty

  • Easy access to the back of the building

  • Trees and high bushes in surrounding area which provide good cover

  • Homes with no visible signs of protection such as alarms or lighting.

  • Locks that stick out of the handle which are easy to snap or attack

When they’ve chosen a property they will:
  • Look through the windows to see inside

  • Check if any neighbours are watching

  • Find you on facebook to see if they can find out more information such as nights out, when you work, what you have, are you on holiday

  • They will often watch a home for days before attacking it

Tips to keep your home safe:
  • Keep windows and doors locked when you go out and even when you're at home

  • Consider fitting an approved burglar alarm system

  • Take steps to ensure your home looks secure from the outside

  • If you go out in the evening, close curtains and set light timers

  • Consider fitting a letter-box cage to stop intruders reaching inside

  • Don't hide spare keys in the garage, shed or outside

  • If you store larger items such as bikes in a shed make sure it is secure, and use bike locks along with shed alarms and extra padlocks, block up shed windows with wood shutters

  • Fit CCTV or dummy CCTV

  • Make sure you have British Standard locks

  • Don't allow your locks to protrude from the door handle

  • Only use a professional locksmith.

Even the best security won't deter thieves if you don't LOCK THE DOOR.

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