Emergency, Emergency Washington

Its hard seeing some of the issues we come across in Washington Tyne and Wear from burgled houses to vandalism, cars stolen and even murder.

It paints a grim picture but we as a community can change that by looking out for one another. Lately we have seen a rise in burglaries with door handles been snapped and the locks snapped and broken and the thieves have walked in in less than 60 second and ransacked local peoples homes.

This is distressing to both the person it happens to and the community in Washington. We can can definitely help with stopping the criminal but it takes a community to watch out for each other.

Just a few nights back while on a job on Donwell our locksmith was keeping quite as it was 2am and he was changing out a door lock from a attempted robbery, it turned out the wood-be bugler was hiding around the corner with his partner in crime and when they thought the coast was clear he and his friend both came out of the darkness directly into our locksmith who also happens to be a Jujitsu trainer and a bit of a bad ass. Needless to say Mr thief and his side kick did not get far and may spend a few days in hospital.

The alarming thing is that neither of these chap were local, both had travelled with others from out of the area as we found out by his accent.

Now we got lucky, but it could have been a different story. If your unsure about your security you can speak to a police officer in the community or Taylors Locksmiths offer a free home security assessment and can highlight any areas that need light to bolts, lock upgrades or even if your braking your home or buildings insurance by doing something as simple as leaving a key in the window. It could save you everything.

So just keep an eye out for odd folk that look up to no good and remember to lock your doors and windows at night.

We also offer a range of anti snap locks that will stop the criminal in his track and we can also upgrade your flimsy door handles to solid anti snap and cut handles.

We have a range of high security locks that are anti bump, anti pick, anti snap, anti pull along with locks with magnetic pins to fitting added home security.

www.locksmithwashington.co.uk or visit us www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk

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